Noviembre 2005

Report of the Joint Study Groupon Japan-Chile Economic Partnership Agreement /Free Trade Agreement

Chile and Japan have shared a complementary trade relationship for more than a century, with an increasing momentum since the 1970s, stimulated by Japanese industrial development and Chile’s role as an important and reliable supplier of natural resources, including strategic mineral resources.

Julio 2006

Chile-Thailand Joint Study Groupon the Feasibility of an FTAExecutive Summary and Final Report

In the framework of the APEC Meetings in the Republic of Korea, in November 2005 and following the Leaders´ instructions, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile and the Minister of Commerce of Thailand announced the initiation of a Joint Study Group on the Feasibility of a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).

Octubre 2004

Joint feasibility study on a freetrade agreementbetween Chile and China

A high and sustained economic growth and major social developments were the most distinctive characteristics of the Chilean economy in the 90s; noteworthy was the reduction of poverty.

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